asian arowana

  1. Cirrus

    Spring 2022 CV Maju Super Red Order

    I'm working on getting these fish to Canada in early 2022: and For details on the last import from CV Maju a few months ago, check out the thread here: Contact [email protected] if interested! :)
  2. F

    Looking To Buy/ Trade for a Cross back or Super Red

    I'm looking for an adult BBXB/ gold cross back or super red. I have a blue base crossback that I could trade (can pm pics) he at 5th level right now but is showing some sign on the 6th level. That being said I'm looking for a more mature specimen. Must be able to deliver to Toronto Ontario...
  3. E

    New to AC

    Hey guys, name's Erratic-Fish-Finatic or EFF for short and I currently live in Mississauga Ontario. I've cared for numerous aros in the past, primary Silver and jardini arowanas. My last arowana ( which was a 15" Silver ) died 2 years when it got spooked by my 2 Oscars chasing eachother and...
  4. bcarlos

    GTA CV Maju Asian Arowana Order- Great Prices!

    I'm organizing a CV Maju group buy into Ontario with Theo. If anyone is interested in 6-7" RTG, BBXB or Super Red aro's, I can get them in at some of the best prices in the province. I am only 2 fish away from getting us a discount of more than 20%. The order needs to be placed by end of...