1. Canadian Aqua Farm

    FS: Colourful XL Plastic Air Stones Free Shipping

    I am excited to announce the addition of a new product to my website... XL plastic air stones. They are 2" high by 1" wide and are weighted so they will stay down even in high air flow applications. The sections snap together and can be taken apart for easy cleaning. I am offering 20 packs of...
  2. Canadian Aqua Farm

    My Discus Pairs And Fry

    I have compiled a video showing off some of the breeding pairs that I have been working with over the past several months. Generally the fry from my pairs sell out long before I ever get a chance to offer them for sale on my website or here on ArowanaClub. If you are interested in getting some...
  3. G


    A LOT OF NEW GREAT QUALITY RED AROWANA AND HIGH BACK GOLDEN AND HIGH QUALITY DISCUS RED AROWANA $1299 each Size: 6-7 inches High Back Golden $699 each Size 5-6 inches We have some Big Arowanas that are on sale, VERY GOOD PRICES. THE VIDEO BELOW IS A COLLECTION OF THE FISH THAT...
  4. G

    VIP King Arowana and Albino Leopard Snake Skin Discus

    ALL THE FISH ARE FROM SINGAPORE. Albino Leopard Snake Skin and Ruby Red Discus VIP KING RED AROWANA