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    Gold crossback, high quality for sale

    Need to make some room. Asking $1888 Malaysian crossback gold (gold based) Papers, chipped from dreamfish inc. Make an offer, pick up or meet around Cambridge, Kitchener, Woodstock, London area. No trades at this time please, thanks for looking.
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    2014 FALL Arowana Shipment!

    NEW AROWANA SHIPMENT!! GREAT PRICES and QUALITY! This Year we were able to go to Singapore again to hand pick the Arowanas Red Tail Golden (5-6 inches) $399 each Hi Back Gold (5-6 inches) $599 each Cross Back Gold (10 inches) Chili Red, Super Red, Blood Red (7-8 inches) Blood Red (6...
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    New Aquarium Arrival!

    BOYU AQUARIUMS ARE HERE! CHECK THEM OUT BEFORE THEY ARE ALL SOLD OUT! These aquariums are built for Arowanas with a very impressive filtering system that is built in. Size:1040x487x1550(mm) l:270L Size: 1506Lx656Wx1665H(mm) l:546L Colour: DRAWBENCH GOLD Size...