2 x 180 tank + 2 x RTG

Thanks! The FF grew at a massive rate. The Bamboo from T&T looks cool against the black background. And we figured it should help soak up some nitrates as well - : ).

And Mike - yup the bigger one is from David's tank. Had my eye on him the first time I saw Dave' s tank.

BTW - Those tanks are beside/next to a kitchen sink making the plumbing very accessible.

Would it makes sense to do a drip or auto WC without drilling the tank?

There are quite a few Youtube videos on variations to doing it - which ones do you consider the best approach based on your experience?

This is so that if are away on holiday, we do not have to worry about water quality.


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It definately could work doing a DIY overflow, but it will look relatively unsightly with all those pipes sticking out of the tank. Best option would be to drain and drill.
I would do a drip system for sure!!! I would have for my tank but no drain or faucet close by! Didn't want to dig through the living room lol.

I thought I recognized that RTG. Very good deal.
Amazing tanks.... Does the red tail shark do a good job on algae on your plants?

The Red-tail shark does help a little, the Flagtail seems to do more - likely due to its much bigger size.

Interesting is that the RTG leaves the Red-tail shark alone even if it comes very close to it.