Albino pearls


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Beautiful rays! Congratulations!

Are you happy having the flagtail in there? I've found they often start sucking at some point on the backs of rays. Have you noticed that behaviour yet?


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thank you

I have mixed feelings about it tbh. It cleans the tank really well, but just recently noticed a white spot on my bigger female. I’m thinking that I might be pulling it from that tank pretty soon if I see any more marks.

I assume that I won’t catch the act happening, because everyone in that tank is more active at night, but I typically keep a close eye on them.

on that note I have even noticed their second set of stingers starting to emerge. I’m estimating they are 4-5 months old and will most likely lose their first stingers around 6 month mark. But I’m no expert lol


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Congratulations, those are beautiful rays. Wished I could afford them.

I have a 10" flagtail with a 7" motoro but the flagtail never touched the ray. Don't really know what happens at night but the ray hasn never shown any injuries or bite marks. The flagtail would go after my aro though. And my aro just pretends it never happened.