Alligator gar Arapima & RTC in a 20 gallon long?


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Cirrus.... I hear you on the rays....
My 2 motoro moved to calgary yesterday And i wasnt happy at all.... Had them running up the side for superworms out of my hand...
Most playful active rays i ever saw and some of the biggest Ive seen yet (i dont get out much) Ill do them again when i get my 6x3's built if I can lock down a builder....
The arapima in that photo.... I believe to be true. I would guess they moved into that tank alot smaller and odds are if thats acrylic then they wouldnt fit in/out the lid holes anymore.....
Im in no hurry to try my hand at an arapima.... but my gars I know will do just fine.... 3 years minimum till they hit 30-36" in prime conditions and hell if i have a bigger tank by then and they hit 4-5 feet Ill be the gator gar expert on mfk as the first guy to achieve those sizes in any kind of timeframe less than 5 years lol....


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a fully grown aripama like that would not take kindly to be moved around.....its sheer size and strength would bust easily make it buts out a tank that size......i highly doubt the authenticity of that pic.....

What about using a bottle or two (or five!) of Transmore or some other fish sedative? It could be done I think.


What about using a bottle or two (or five!) of Transmore or some other fish sedative? It could be done I think.

I remember reading an old thread on MFK about moving a 5 foot+ arapaima-- that's basically how they did it, but it was one hell of a process!

I'm of the opinion that no ray can be kept long term in a tank 300 gal. or smaller. Still, you could get years of enjoyment out of a young pair of BDs or p14's before you had to worry about selling. I have the same opinion of other monster fish. Long-term, a conventional tank is certainly not feasable, but you could enjoy growing these fish out for years.


Yeah P14's are supposed to max out around 20", as do cf. Hystrix, and scobina are even smaller. I think all three of those species could be happy in a 360 gallon for life.

Boesmani are also supposed to stay small, but not enough is known about them to make an accurate judgement. Plus regardless to the size of that fish, it needs a decent sized tank if you wish to house it with different rays. They can be quite aggressive.


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a 24'' aro can easily jump out of any tank when spooked...and you guys don't think this thing would destroy the tank its in....might as well keep a tiger in a dog cage and hope it holds.......