Another aro scam artist


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So this time I want to have some fun with it and I contact them see how it goes, 24k gold head for $1300 lol.

hi, so how much for the aro? $1300 for the gold head? I am interest but need to confirm the price.

Dear David
Yes got 24K full gold Asian aros and the gold crossback aro , both very golden but the cross back example my 20 inch cross back has black dark on top of its head whereas the 24 k gold is full full shiny gold all over and the most in demand ,I can sell it easy 2 k plus but would have to ship and no time .
The 24 k full gold Asian arowana is 1500 for one and I also have mbu tetradon freshwater puffers (rare) and NGTs and dataniods and peacock bass .
What are you interested in and how many ?

Best regards
Faisal hassan

where are you located? does it come with certificate? If you are from local I would like to view the fish as well. thanks.

I am located In coal harbour downtown Vancouver , I have a shipment mid each month from panda arowana farm Malaysia and the next shipment is mid aug so all that I have is my 26 inch cross back now and others but the 24 K full gold arowana arrive mid aug I go pick them up from airport .. No I don't have a platinum 24 k full gold arowana their the most wanted and expensive , cross back Golden s are 1300 but 24 karat full gold Asian aros are full gold they are no 1300 , I have twenty Asian arowana coming in and all 24 k gold rarest and most expensive and RTG, mbu puffer tetradon and NGT dataniods and frontosa couples
I will send you email of full 24 k gold Asian aro and yea ofcoarae it comes chipped with CITTE certificate ! Places and deposits running fast ! So once AGIAN 24 k gold full golden arowana and platinum gold arowana and NGT dataniod tiger fish and frontosa childids and super kamfa flower horn fish.
All exotics
I have all fish expect the 24 k gold arowana a , the reason I sell less than 2000 plus to avoid shipping but a full 24 k gold arowana sell 2500

I didn't know panda was from Malaysia lol. and he talk non sense.
Maybe Panda thought it would be a smart financial move to set a new farm up in a cheap area of Malaysia and crash the high end gold head market? Makes perfect sense devalue your product so some guy can make a bundle selling them to us for cheap lol. Sucks I'm already getting a couple arowanas two days from now as I'd be down for 3 or 4 :D. Let's see pay a overly cheap price up front from an unknown guy with no history or knowledge? Doesn't sound sketchy at all and really what could possibly go wrong? Lol


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Kind of scary if you ask me. Kind of situation where you would NOT want to go meet up with the guy! :eek: