Ark Aquatic - Singapore


Arowana blogger
The owner of Ark Aquarium is well known in the Singapore aro scene, has done a lot of operations on aros in the past. I believe his nickname on arofanatics is "Doc Ark", short for Doctor Ark. Ark was super friendly and arranged a private meeting for me with Kenny, one of the famous Quian Hu brothers. More on that in a later thread.

Ark was very friendly and struck me as the kind of guy any hobbyist would like to have as a guide to the aro/exotic fish scene in Singapore. I would recommend anyone looking to select a fish in person consider contacting him. If he does not have the fish you are looking for, he knows everyone in town and will be able to find you what you are looking for. ;)

In photo above, the aro and goldfish had been living together as friends for some time, kind of unusual.