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Ok, I messed up. I was cleaning the tank and left a cover off when I went for lunch. When I got back to the Tank the Aro had made "The Jump For Freedom" and was lying in the middle of the floor. I got him back in the tank and after a few scary moments he recovered.

Other than not eating, he appears to be fine. Except of course, his eyes. One has become quite foggy, and they both are protruding quite a bit. He can still see through both.

Do you think it will get better? Any suggestions on whether anything can be done? These pics were taken about 24 hours after the incident.



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Count yourself super lucky. I lost a really nice aro once to the same "jump to freedom". My advice to you would be pretty much standard-cure-all : do a 30% water change, hike temp to 30 C, add a tbs of aquarium salt per 10 gallons. Follow up with 20% water changes every few days. And just hope your fish makes a full recovery.

Good luck and please post a follow up.
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Thanks Cirrus. The salt was a really good idea. The foggy tinge to his eyes disappeared almost instantly. He looks normal now and is actively swimming throughout the tank. He still isn't eating normally but I'm not sure whether that is due to the accident or the removal of his old tank mates.

Originally he was in a planted 120g with a couple feeder fish. A little over a month ago it sprung a leak so I quickly moved him in with some bandit cichlids. He didn't like that much - he spent a month hiding in a corner - so I created a new home for the cichlids. I'd just moved them and started cleaning the tank when he jumped.

I think now may be a good time to switch him to pellets. He seems to actively browse the surface and ignores anything that sinks. He'll gum the pellets but won't swallow. I'm sure eventually he'll be eating normally again. This hobby is all about patience... :)