Arowana Collectibles

Since there have been alot of Arowana Collectibles on the forum I would like to share my collection of little Arowana collectibles. Here they are let me know what you think.:D



I think a saw some in crystal mall. If ur around Burnaby, B.C. go to crystal mall they got some.
Yes, crystal mall has a few jewellry stores that sell gold plated arowana figurines... some are $2000+ some are $200... ALso the feng shui stores there sell lots of small bronze figurines
LOL ive seen those gold plated ones at crystal mall. Its the aro swimming in a scene with fresh water plants and SALT WATER corals??? haha
I saw a gold arowana t-shirt on ebay now. It has chinese writing on it and it is special for the chinese new year. On ebay type dragon fish into the search and you will find it. It is from Thailland and pretty cheap.
i've seen those before. i asked one of the girls at a store in richmond if she'd be willing to just part w/ the arow from the set....she emphatically said "no"


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*notes to post a pic of his aro collectibles..

Anyone know where to get ceramic aro status life size or 1/2 life size?
I had a nice gold aro statue (ceramic) about 14" big (similiar to m_class's), however it did suffer irrepairable breakage a few years ago
My prized carving from Hawaii

Hi All,

Thought I'd share my prized wood carving of 2 arowana from Hawaii. This was hand-carved by a local from one continuous piece of wood on the big island of Hawaii. I had to take it as my carry-on to make sure the barbels did not snap off. There is alot of detail in the carving as you can see from the photos. The front and back are both detailed and they look very lifelike in person.