Arowana has ICH, Help please...


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Hi everyone,

So recently my arowana has developed ICH and it has had it for over 3 weeks now. I suspect it was from a raw piece of shrimp it was fed. The first week I caught it, I immediately did a water change and added two teaspoons of salt for every gallon. I also gradually bumped the temp up to 86 F. It is week three now and I don't see any improvement. The fish seems to be unaffected by it but the tail is sort of rotting away. There are some visible white and red spots on the tail, but not on the body or anything. The fish's appetite is still crazy like it always has been.

Is there anything else I could do to get rid of the ICH? I am not a believer in meds but will resort to it if I have to. :(



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Can you post pics....never seen aro with ick!

Sounds like it might be something would help...
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Yes, please provide photo/video of the affected fish. It could be something else.

If it is ick and is not severe, increase temperature in tank to 88-90 F, add one tablespoon of aquarium salt per 10 gallons of water. Do 20% water changes every few days too, always making sure new water is warm too.

You should be able to cure ick without using chemicals; if it is severe, however, you might need to go to an aquarium store and get some ick medicine.


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Sorry for the delay but here are the pictures:









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If its Ich, methylene blue is relatively gentle and effective. Ich medicines work fast and work well. If you don't see any improvement in a few days of high temp and salt, it's sometimes better to just eradicate it quickly. Long exposure to high temps can be stressful to the fish also.
Ragged fins like that almost always means water quality issues. Test your water for ammonia and nitrites, as something may have set off a spike or mini cycle. Make sure your nitrates are low as well. Use a tds meter and check the ppm of the dissolved solids. Your water might look ok, but there may be a lot of organics breaking down and causing poor water quality.
Good thing is that aros are extremely tough fish. Hopefully you get to the bottom of the issue.


Never seen ick on aro before, they are tough fish. I usually increase heat to at least 85, not past 90. Put 1 tsp salt up to 5g. However, if the aro is by itself you could increase that to 1-2 tsp per 5g. Aro are tough. I usually also use Kordon ick meds, that have malachite green salt (less toxic than malachite green).

I wouldn't worry...aro's are tough. When you increase heat tho u got to increase oxygen as there is less oxygen in warmer water.


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Your aro doesn't have ICK....It has BAD WATER!

what size tank?
tank maintenance schedule?