Asian arowana for sale in the UK


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Calling our UK aro specialists T1Karmann and Arodynamic, ever heard of these guys?

I just noticed they stole a photo for use on their website (see the photo of the guy in the red coat: ). I think this could be a scam site? Yet they offer phone numbers for the UK and Spain here: , but no phone number for Malaysia?

I bet there are many people in the UK who could use a good place to go to for information about safe and trusted sources to buy Asian arowana. Where would you guys recommend?
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IMO I cannot be certain whether this is a bona fide arowana trading site or not, but certain pointers eg addresses in UK and Spain and the effort taken to create an elaborate website may sway ones negative opinion. I have Google Earthed the UK address and its just a normal red bricked terraced house in Eastbourne which may be just the trading address, not where fish are kept. I have not known Spain to be an arowana hobbyist country. There are scam sites out there and there are genuine ones, just do your homework and ask questions before parting with your cash. I have seen many UK Arowana sites come and go and I guess if this is a genuine one, it will have the same fate. The interest and the demand for this dragon in the UK, coupled with recessionary times, has dwindled over the years and the hobbyist is thinking hard before spending his hard earned money on arowanas.