Best LED light for a BBXB?


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Did you ever look into Current USA satellite system? They are completely adjustable I have 3 of them on my 750g. I love them. You can really tweak your lighting exactly the way you want it


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I ended up keeping my compact fluorescents for the time being. I would not recommend them as they are very limited in the light the cast - straight down - and so the aro is out of the light most of the time. I think I will get my old big tube T-8's going again as they seem to cast the most light in all directions.

mr ry

I have 2 t8 lights hanging above my tank and i agree with the castin more light...i find my only problen is that i cant get 4 4ft 10k lights ... And putting my name in the orderig list at lfs doest seem to go anywhere.... But my aro no longer swims in the dark:)


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I really like the idea of the Current USA LED's. I wish I would have waited to buy mine from them.
I like the LED lights but I prefer a more subdued natural light so mine are turned right down. I bought different colored lights for my red and gold arowanas but these lights have it all covered with one adjustable fixture. It will probably cost a small fortune but will be worth it.


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I'm using a submersible led light on my xback and it's doing very well holding shine, I picked it up in Mississauga on dundas St.