bichir in toronto?


I would try Aquapet. Ricky can get some different types. Most LFS have senegals, Delhezis and Ornates.


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aquapet where? on kennedy in scarborough? anywhere else that has them in stock now and has good selection?


Not That I know of and yes the store you are talking about.

I never see any nice poly's in T.O. Last time was 6 months ago at aqaupets LOL


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all my polypterus were from ricky at aquapets.
he's currently just got ornates and long-finned senegals though.
the delhezi and endlicheri were all sold couple of months ago.


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Try Big Al's on Steeles and Yonge... I got one Bicher Senegalus 5".... for $ 30 buck... so far so good.
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They are the worst looking Bichirs i have ever seen. Can you say farm bred to the the max. They all look really strange and have some slight deformities.

lol... You are such a mean guy.

EEYY is selling his Endlis... (free ad)


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I bleed red, white and blue... :D

Hi Eken:

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