bloated rtg!?


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Hi everyone,I just bought my baby rtg (about 5 inches) 4 days ago. I had fed him with a big super worm on the second day and after that he hasn't been eating anymore! His stomach is a bit bloated right now. Is superworm very hard to digest?Should I add in some epsom salt asap?! Thx for looking


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Personally I would not give a fish of that size super worms. I have heard of problems using super/king worms with small fish. Protruding anus and even stomach problems can both occur. I would wait until the fish is closer to 9 inches before using live super worm. For small fish like yours, cricket or meal worms would be better as live food. I recommend you use raw cut up market shrimp (remove shell first) as main food. Sometimes aros can become spoiled on live food and it can be a problem.

I do not have experience using epsom salt.

Good luck with your fish. Please let us know how things work out.


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Yes, fish is too small for king worms. Hopefully you killed the worm first cause at that size the worm can do serious damage to the delicate internals of your baby fish. Starve for a while and feed pellets and prawn. Rtg's that size are easy to train, just need to be patient. If it doesn't eat the food, remove it and try again the next day. It will eventually eat.


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ya, i did kill the worm first before i fed it to him, still not eating today with his bloated stomach, so worry that he's going to die


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i dont think the worm is the problem i have always fed meal worms to baby aros without killing the worms the worms die fast in water so no need to kill them

you may want to try live earth worms night crawlers as they stay alive longer in water and the aros gut and the movement of the worm may move any blockage