Cahaya Red Shipment


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Dear All,
Selected these fishes a few months ago and here they are, after a long wait. The previous shipments had sold out rather fast but upon arrival into Singapore, we needed time to condition them. So we are showcasing them for the first time now at 8 inches.

Keen parties please PM or email to [email protected]. Prices are very competitive now that we have ordered so many fishes from the Cahaya farm. Cheers!

Mrs Goh


Staff unpacking shipment. It took us almost two hours to acclimatize the fishes before setting them free into the tanks.


Young Cahaya Reds with deep blue sheen at 8 inches.


More Cahaya Reds, some with Diamond shaped tails.


Bigger Cahaya Reds with Larger 3 back fins, 15-16 inches.


Another mid-sized Cahaya Red with longer pectoral fins.