Chili Red, breathing heavy!


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I just moved into my place this weekend. It was a big job moving my tanks. I have moved many aros, but this move went badly. I was very careful and prepared. I took 80% of my water with me. I was placing the air stone in his container when he saw light and jumped light, it was that quick. I grabbed him quickly and put him back in the container, and carried on. I refilled my tank. Climatised the aro and had him back in my tank in 2 hours. Now he is breathing heavy, he is breathing with his mouth open, which he has never done before and is not interested in food. All my water pram. is good. and the lights are off. Any ideas?? I am stumped. Thanks in advance for you guys help!


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the aro is shock.. and needs time to settle into the new environment. I have an RTG and it eats to much it will breath very hard..
Try to Salt dis solved in hot water and add it to the tank, this improves the gill function and will help settle the aro into his new environment.
Good Luck.