Choking arow


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My parents are on vacation and my dads arowana swallowed his own scale. I fed him like normal and after I walked away for a few seconds he had a panic attack or something thrashing about in his tank. A scale from his upper back fell off and as I was about to grab a net he ate it. He started to choke so he spit it back out only to eat it again... every so often he would kinda twitch his head like hes trying to throw up. That was about 5 hours ago from the time I made this post. He's much calmer now, swimming around slowly but he seems to be slightly/slowly breathing through his mouth. Is the scale stuck in his throat? Will he be able to swallow it? Is he going to die? About to have a panic attack. Its a crossback gold about 14-16 inches.


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The scale should break down and dissolve on its own accord I think. So long as your fish is able to breathe okay it should all work out. My guess is, if the scale is indeed lodged in your aro's throat, that it will maybe not eat for a while till the scale breaks down. Aros are pretty hardy fish so yours should be fine.