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I suppose it's not a "guess" since you told me ha ha

LOL ok time to spill it.

Should have 2 Bagarius Yarellii, REAL indian goonch coming! I was able to import 2 pcs at around 15cm 2 years ago now. Haven't seen any available since. I'm working on a deal for them now so I hope its a go!

Little background of the pair. They were wild caught from Babla River in india. Long term captive and grown out in Taiwan. Both were grown out in their 10ft tank and have been living together since they were juvi.

Size 45cm +/-

Pictures to follow!!!
Here is one from the web.

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I thought I saw Super Reds on your import list a few days ago. Did they not come in? Already sold?

I was only able to get 5 pcs of super red severums in this import. Already sold.

Hopefully I can get more on my next order. I ordered 10 pcs but supplier only had 5 remaining.