Datnioides quadrifasciatus (Silver Datnoid)


Datnioides quadrifasciatus (Silver Datnoid) is now called Datnioides polota. I just thought I would share this with you guy's and gal's.


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I agree they are now called D. polota, but some still call d. quadrifasciatus. I just call them silver datnoid.



In the meantime, I just want to inform you guys that even some Indo Tigers can have stable color similar to ST.

I have heard that IT "could" be next to ST. Time will tell!!

Why some?

All the Indos I have look great stable bars and colours and some even look better than most ST's that I see. It is all about the tank they are in if they are happy or not and if they are being fed the right foods. Even the NTT's I have are alway stable and have an awesome redish colour on their fins.

This whole ST's are better looking is a joke.

Until not that long ago they were all Microlepis or being called part of the microlepis complex or some crap like that. So that means they were all being called Indos or a variation of the Indo.

Now guy's dont go out buying all the Indos you see just because of another comments. Also dont pay more for the 3 bar Indo's as well it is all just another way to make more money.
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