DFI is looking for new Group Buys & Comm Buyers


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Dear All,
As the above title says it all, DFI is still on the lookout for new Group Buys and Comm Buyers who are simply keen on a comm of high quality Dragon fishes, all at way below market retail prices.

Prices will be the most competitive ever, based on a minimum of just 12 fishes. But as 100kg is the minimum air freight imposed by major airlines flying from Singapore to Canada, each of the 5 boxes could contain 4 fishes each. Thus, though our minimum for Reds or Xbacks or a combination of both Reds and Xbacks is only 12 fishes, that would mean an excess or rather, wasted freight for another 8 fishes since 100kg can contain up to 20 fishes.

So try to spread out the fixed costs of CITES documentation in Singapore (S$450 a shipment regardless of fish quantities) and high freight costs for 100kg, it would definitely be wiser to buy at least 20 arowanas in any given shipment.


A) Freight costs -
Spore to Montreal via Qatar Airways S$9.50/kg x 100kg
Spore to Toronto via Korean Airlines S$8.70/kg x 100kg
Spore to Vancouver - rates pending and will be informed soon.

B) Singapore CITES documentation S$450 a shipment (fixed costs)
Extra CITES permit if buying both Indo Reds and Spore Xbacks S$70 (optional costs)

C) Canadian Airport local clearance - engage any fish importers or freight agents, their charges should be very reasonable (please check on your side)
Canadian import duties - varies from Province to Province (please check on your side)

D) Fish Costs (all prices are quoted in Singapore dollars)
1. Indonesian Citra or Cahaya or Bahari Istana Reds 7-8 inches now, but will be 8-9 inches 6-8 weeks later when your Canadian CITES permit is finally issued, only S$5XX each fish (as of 29th April 2015, Cdn S$1=S$1.10)

2. 24K Gold Xbacks with Gold Lines on Head, only S$4XX each fish

3. High Back Golden with 5th row colour, only S$100 each fish

Hope to receive your email ([email protected]) or PM soon. Cheers!

Mrs Goh


Bahari Istana Reds - limited stocks, will be 9-10 inches in 6-8 weeks.


Cahaya Reds from a new shipment, will be 8-9 inches in 6-8 weeks.


Citra Reds from a new shipment, too. Will be 8-9 inches in 6-8 weeks.


DFI 24K Gold Xbacks with Golden Lines on Heads. Will be 8-9 inches in 6-8 weeks.


DFI High Back Goldens with 5th row colour. Will be 7-8 inches in 6-8 weeks.


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Dear all
Here is the latest Vacouver freight rates -
S$10 a kg x 60kg minimum (3 boxes of 12 fishes total) via Korean Airlines

Many thanks!
Mrs Goh


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To answer some queries ...

Dear all,
We have been asked these few questions recently -

1. That our minimum of 12 Reds or 12 Reds and Xbacks combined is indeed the lowest minimum quantity. A check with most Indonesian farms would reveal that their minimum is mostly 50 or 100 Reds.

2. Our payment system is simple - tell us what you want and its quantity and we will issue you a Proforma Invoice for your 50% deposit. Once received, we will apply for the Singapore CITES export permit, ready in just 48 hours.

3. With this CITES export permit, you then apply for the CITES import permit with CITES CANADA in Ottawa. We will help you with the filling up of the forms, no worry.

4. 4 weeks after we email you the CITES export permit, you will have to pay us the balance 50%.

5. 2 weeks after your final payment (ie 6 weeks after your submission of the CITES apllication to Ottawa), you will receive your CITES import permit via Speedpost from Ottawa. Inform us and we will book a flight for your fishes, arriving some 5-6 days later cos we need to starve your fishes (ie no food will be given in preparation of a safe journey).

Thank you all for reading.
Mrs Goh


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Mitra & Citra Reds at 11-12 inches

Dear All,
We are adding these Already Developed Reds to this Promotion as well. These are certified free of defects, too, no drop eyes, no PLJ, etc. Sizes are 11-12 inches now and will be 12-13 inches in 6-7 weeks time.

Prices are very competitive, only S$8XX each, much cheaper than their retail prices in Singapore, S$1080-1580 (check Arofanatics.com for latest price trends). But of course, you will need to pay for air freight, Singapore CITES fixed costs of S$450 a shipment, Canadian local clearing agent's fees and Canadian Provincial import tax.

Minimum order for these Reds, only 10pcs. And they will be packed two pcs in a carton, hence, 10pcs in five cartons (ie 100kg). Good for hobbyists who cannot wait to see results and yet want to be the Talk of the Town - a true showcase of High End Reds!

Thanks to all interested parties inquiries. Keep them coming ...Happy Sunday.

Mrs Goh

Mitra Reds with higher bodies and deep blue core.


Another Mitra Red with good colouration.


Citra Red with higher bodies, deep blue core and larger 3 back fins.


Citra Red with solid colouration and longer Pectoral fins.


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Promotion will end Mid June, 2015

Dear all,
Forgot to mention this important information - this Promotion for Canadians will end Mid June, 2015 for these current prices.

Though after that date, we would still be able to accept orders till Mid August, 2015 but prices will tend to be slightly higher as these fishes will have grown much larger then. After some 6-7 weeks of waiting for CITES Canada to issue their import permits, all shipments should be sent out latest by end September.

Mrs Goh