DFI's Diversification into Stingray Breeding


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Dear all,
Due mainly to the slump in Xback prices since 2011, we along with some other farms, have no choice but to diversify into the rearing and/or breeding of other fishes. So, in March 2014, we have started to look around and found QH importing wild caught Black Diamond Stingrays from Brazil. And so we had invested quite alot of money in order to purchase a few pairs of wild caught BDs from Brazil. The next month, April 2014, we even invested more money in some Captive bred BDs as well (recently put up for sales).

And so we are sharing with you all, our BD journey. These more than one year of hard work, anxiety and joy had finally culmiinated in the first successful breeding of a BD pair on 20th July, 2015, produced by a wild caught BD pair from QH. Enjoy these pictures ...

Mrs Goh


The ever good service provided by QH, sending the wild caught BDs to our farm.


Some underbelly shots of these wild caught BDs.


Another photo of those alluring spots ...


The male parent of our first BD brood ...Picture was taken a few months back.


Another potential wild caught Male BD.


The only wild caught Male BD from Tung Hu - mezmerized by his BIG spots.


The female parent of our first BD brood with bite marks.


Another wild caught Female BD, possibly pregnant now?


One very promising wild caught Female BD with lots of TI spots, most likely pregnant now. (photo taken with a HP, pardon for the picture quality)


DFI's first ever captive bred of a BD pair - born 20th July, 2015. (photo taken with a HP)