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I am about half way through my photos from Singapore now, another 200-300 to go (more shops and farms to come). Unfortunately I have to find those photos and format them, and I am quite busy the next few days. I'll do my best to get the rest of the Singapore photos uploaded in time to mark the 2011 Aquarama. For now, I leave you with a few photos of a memorable dinner, near a subway stop by AroPacific. I absolutely love Singapore street hawker food, some of the best in the world I think. :)


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Thanks for taking the time to Post ALL those pictures.... must be time consuming uploading and including a little intro with all those pictures in each thread. Its been an eye opener to see all those pics. Thanks Theo!


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You are welcome.

Once upon a time I actually planned to write a book. Unfortunately the camera I had with me on my travels (Nikon D50) fell off a washing machine in northern Spain (long story) and so by the time I was in SEAsia it was not working as well or dependably as it should have been. Plus, Hendri Leong has done such a good job putting out his line of books that there was really no point for me to write another. Thus, all the photos and notes I took will eventually end up here on this site. It may take a while. :)