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Okay - Big News concerning the importation of Asian arowana from Dreamfish. For the past year I have not imported from Dreamfish for the Eastern Canadian market so that Calvin and LiveExoticImports could try and grow the market on their own out there. This has made it awkward for me to arrange imports since my model has always been about aggregating orders so as to reduce the per unit cost of the fish. In any case, I've just been informed by Nic (owner of Dreamfish) that as of now Calvin and LiveExoticImports are no longer acting as an agent for Dreamfish. I am now working with Andy, Jason and Henming to bring quality Dreamfish arowana to market across Canada.

I have quite a few people looking to order fish from Dreamfish right now. Given the Westjet shipping embargo during December, this order will be arriving in January at the earliest.

In the coming days I will provide photo/video links for all of the Dreamfish available.

For now, check out the list below:

MerLion Royal Series
1. MerLion Royal Ultimate Ocean Blue
2. MerLion Royal Ultimate 24K
3. MerLion Royal Ultimate Sky Blue
4. MerLion Royal Ultimate Blue Jade
5. MerLion Royal Ultimate Chocolate Blue
6. MerLion Royal Premium
7. MerLion Royal

MerLion Harmony Series
1. MerLion Harmony Ultimate DreamRed
2. MerLion Harmony Ultimate DreamBlue
3. MerLion Harmony Ultimate DreamGold
4. Merlion Harmony Ultimate Blue Base
5. MerLion Harmont Ultimate Gold Base
6. MerLion Harmony

MerLion Red Series
1. MerLion Red Ultimate - Chili
2. MerLion Red Ultimate - Blood
3. MerLion Red Ultimate

MerLion Emerald Series
1. MerLion Emerald Viper
2. MerLion Emerald SnakeSkin

MerLion Gold Series
1. MerLion Gold Classic

Please email me direct at [email protected] for pricing information.
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I've been sent an email asking for photos/videos of the REDS (Merlion, Blood, Chillie) that Dreamfish has on offer. Nic's reply was

Go to our MerLion FB to chk.. also the taiwan merlion fb.

There no point showing how good our brooders is if we later give lousy quality to the hobbyist. What been supply n deliver to hobbyist tank is much more important. Many Hobbyist were fooled by brooders photos. Ethical farm reputation is far more important.

So, to save many people some time, below find a bunch of links.

Here is a ton of FB postings for Merlion arowana out of Singapore: https://www.facebook.com/pg/MerLion-Arowana-1433298596969897/photos/?ref=page_internal

Here is a whole bunch more out of Taiwan: https://www.facebook.com/search/str/台灣祥獅龍+dreamfish+taiwan/photos-keyword


A blood red from earlier this year:

Others I've imported:

Finally, attached below are a couple photos of a Merlion Blood Red I sold last April 2017 (in a couple of the videos above), along with some rays I sold. You can see the quality.


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Fish land in about three weeks. Let me know if you are interested and I will connect you with the person handling the arrival.