Effects of the white fibregrass on Mitra Reds, 10-11 inches


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Dear all,
We have shifted some 8pcs of the Mitra Reds, 10-11 inches, from the white fibre to the glass tank one week ago. We would continue to keep these fishes in the glass tank and soon, their colour would deepen over time.

No tanning had been given yet to these fishes but naturally, some fishes are already beginning to show slight rim colour developments.

Admire their high bodies, sharp pointed scissors bite mouths and longer pectoral fins. Cheers!

Mrs Goh


Top fish has a broader body and slight rim colour development while the bottom fish, a slightly longish body.


Top fish has a nice Spoon Head and slight rim colour, bottom fish, longer pectorals.


The effects of the white fibregrass is only temporary. Very long pectorals for this fish. Scissors bite mouth, too.