Energy efficient heating big tanks on a budget ?


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So im thinking of taking the shell off of my hot water tank and wrapping metal hose around the tank and put the shell back on then i will just have a loop from my sump around the hot water tank and back in to the sump. has anyone ever tried it i will have the pump hooked to a temp controller and when it drops it will kick in the pump what are your thoughts am i crazy or can a large tank become energy efficient i plan on switching all the pumps to dc and in theory this should heat for way less than 2 300 watt heaters seem to be on a lot

I already have a hot water tank set up with a heat exchanger inside for a hot tub but would figure that to be way overkill for what I need


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How has this worked so far? I've thought of doing the same thing except running my drip system tubing around my hot water tank and then to the aquarium so there is no pump.