EXAMPLE OF SPAM/FAKE ADVERTISEMENT: Arowana fishes for sale for good and afordable price


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Quality and healthy +A Grade Arowanas for sale at affordable prices. Each equipped with chip certificate to comply with CITES. Sizes Available from 3 to 30 Inches, we have been in market since as an arowana hobbyist. We grow into one of the best arowanas brand, well known in International markets. we have the following types of Arowanas ......

E-mail us at ****************************

Black Diamond Leopoldi Stingray
Flower Horn
Green Asian Arowana
Banjar Red Arowana,
Red Tail Golden,
Fend Shui Red Tail Golden
Panda Gold
High Back Red Tail Golden
Red Tail Golden Splendour
Chili Red Arowana
Super Red Arowana

Super Red Arowana (Show Grade)

They are all well fed and will come along with all papers including the certificate of origin, permit and the rest. Quality and healthy +A Grade, We give them out on an affordable prices.
Shipping also available to any part of the World.
For more information contact us with your order.Super Red/Asian Red/24 K Golden/Chili Red Arowana Fish
E-mail us at +++++++++++
Contact info.
Email address: **************
Whatsapp phone number: FAKE SPAM


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