Fall 2016 Dreamfish Order


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As noted on this forum, in early September I had a meeting with Nic (owner of the Dreamfish farm) and Calvin (owner of Live Exotic Imports).

Out of this meeting came ideas for promoting the Asian arowana hobby going forward. Calvin, with his base in the Toronto area, and his strong web development skills is set to promote the hobby across Canada in ways that have not been attempted before. I support this move and think he has the skill set needed to be successful. In the end the whole Asian arowana hobby stands to benefit.

Thus, Calvin is set to coordinate the Fall 2016 Asian arowana import from Nic at Dreamfish. Calvin will be posting details about the upcoming import shortly. I will be helping Calvin behind the scenes with logistical support. I have no doubt this will be a successful order.

Further details concerning the order, including a link to Calvin's formal order page, will be coming shortly.


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Team Canada is United to Import only from the Best!

The Fall of 2016 represents a new beginning for the Stellar Support, Keeping and Offering of Asian Arowanas to Fans and Enthusiasts Across Canada!!

Nicholas Chia, Owner & the Elite breeder of Dreamfish Singapore, has created unity amongst all agents across the country to synergize and coordinate their efforts.

LiveExoticImports has taken a lead to work together with Dragonfish.ca to drive out this upcoming Fall Exotic Asian Arowana and Exotic Fresh Water Community Species order!

As Canadian Thanksgiving is just around the corner, we give thanks to the ArowanaClub.ca community for their continued support!

Please contact us today to learn more about our Canada-Wide Special Promotional #FengShuiDragon Thanksgiving Order!!

Sourcing Only the Best From Our Elite Breeders

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