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I've added a comment to the video that is basically a "how to" guide to get your newly acquired stingray pups eating:

These pups arrived in Canada a few days ago. I am now training them to eat cut up pieces of white shrimp (from Ecuador, sold at T&T Market in Canada). The shrimp is purchased raw with shell on (but no heads). I usually buy a couple pounds and then freeze it. I then thaw a piece or two, remove the shell, and then cut into tiny bite size pieces. Care must be made to make sure the pieces are small enough for the pups to chew. In a few days I will start adding in a few Hikari sinking carnivore pellets too.

These pups look to be nibbling/eating so all is good. I will be feeding them twice a day now, morning and night. I turn off all filtration while feeding so the filter currents won’t blow the food around the tank. I then give the rays 20-30 minutes to eat. I then remove (siphon out) all uneaten food and turn the filters back on. I replace the water I siphoned out as well.

If your rays won’t eat, check your ammonia. It needs to be zero. If the filtration is good and you have good water changes (10-20% per day, 24/7 drip system recommended) then all should be fine. If your water is good and your rays still won't eat, buy some live earthworms (the kind for fishing), and then cut one up into mush which you then mix into your cut up shrimp and Hikari sinking carnivore pellets. Let sit for one minute so that the worm juice soaks into the pellets and coats the shrimp. Then feed to your rays. This technique will work for the pickiest eaters.

The above guidance should help you train newly acquired freshwater stingrays to eat shrimp and pellets. As the rays grow you increase the size of the shrimp pieces, and eventually move from Hikari Sinking Carnivore pellets to Hikari Sinking Massivore pellets.

Good luck and happy ray keeping :)
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