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is there a certain type of FF that eat more algae then others. I heard that some FF will not touch much algae, is this by certain species or individual fish?
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I too believe that they will all graze on all surfaces at about the same level of efficiency. However, if you have a planted tank, they may eat the plants more than the glass/acrylic. I also find that 1 phoenix will do a much better job, than 2-3. If you're keeping more than 1 in a tank, then I'd recommend 6+ to even out the aggression; as they're somewhat aggro to each other--more so than to other species of fish.

I'm currently housing 12 of these fish; 2 large and 10 tiny.


PS. A phoenix may not eat as much algae, if you feed it too much 'good stuff.' I will go through spurts of overfeeding and underfeeding my phoenix, in order to attain a balance between fattening her up and cleanliness of the tank.