Fin Regrowth on AUL


I have two AUL. One is great and full fins however the less dominant one got his fins nipped off by the big one all the time. Interesting to me is the regrowth of these things. Slow as hell but they definitely do grow back!

Wondering if anybody has seen this on their lungs and the time it took to grow back?

I will be selling this one eventually as I think the romance is over and in my opinion they can get along with anything….but each other. Sorry for the crappy pics as always


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I have seen and heard about fin regrowth due to fighting amongst AUL before too. In the past some of the AUL I imported all came in with bad fins due to nipping. Forum member King_El was annoyed as he told me that although the fins would grow back, it would take a long time. From what I learned with that lung he was right. My guess is the AUL have in the photo will take a year+ to fully regrow the fins, maybe even more. But they should regrow in time. How is your dominant AUL? Are its fins okay?