Finally I'm here, LOL

terrors r us

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Hello, I read you had some cyber attacks, I assuming that's why it took me a week to be allowed to be signed on, glad that's over!
My name is Ivan and I now have three aro's all purchased this year.
1) Diablo Red-24 inches from Pang long
2) 24K Golden Head Cross Back-18 inches from Forever Arowana Aquaculture
3) RTG-24 inches from Panda Arowanas
I am addicted to these fish and wish I would of got some years ago.
Am looking forward to learning lots on this forum and meeting new people.
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Welcome to the forum! With the mix you describe I am going to guess you are in Alberta somewhere. Are you doing a community tank with your aros or are they in different tanks? What size tanks do you have? Look forward to seeing some photos or video :)