Flagtail wont eat


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As the title says my flagtail isnt eating.
I have not seen him eat since I got him almost 2 weeks ago and he is getting noticably thinner.
He comes up for the aro sticks(which he was feeding on at the lfs) and gets within an inch of them but doesnt take them.
I know he ducks when the jardini gets close but the jar doesnt bother him or the parrots at all.

I have tried other pellets also but still no dice

Anyone have any ideas, do they usually take a while to settle in and eat?
He's 5-6in and I dont want to lose him


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cut a few piece of potato and throw it in there. he should start eating it with ease. keep him on it for a while until he fatten up


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I've traditionally used prawn to fatten up phoenix.. Mine also loved algea wafers.. Have you had it long? I have noticed they can take a couple weeks to "settle down" in new enviroments..


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Thats what I was thinking yuppa, I've had him about 2 weeks now.
He was eating arow sticks at the lfs so since he's not touching them here then he must still be jumpy


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Since it was being so picky and also the jardini was picking on it at night I decided to take it back to the lfs.
I traded it in for an 8in Midas and some color enhancing parrot food.
I lost a little but I think its worth it in the end since the jar will def not be picking on this guy.