FS: 120" x 24" x 21" (300 gallon glass tank for sale)


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10 feet long, and 2 feet wide.... just under 300 gallons
Front panel is star fire glass.

External Overflow on left side with 2 x 2" drains.

1" drilled hole at bottom left corner at rear

Its not in perfect shape but its pretty darn good! theres a few small scratches on the inside front glass panel and some hard water build up on the top.

Only selling this because I am moving and theres not space for it in the new house. Not willing to give this tank away, it cost me over 2k to have built. (I have space to store it so it sells when it sells).

I can bring it to your house (for a small fee), but your on your own to move it! You will need at least 4 strong guys, and theres no way of getting it up or down a flight of stairs, a few sure.

I have a temporary stand built to move it (has wheels) and a trailer it can fit in to get it to you.

GTA area only.

$750 firm.

Will include all bulk heads, return lines, drain lines etc.
Can include the 75g sump & 2 x Quietone 4000 pumps for $150.

Email [email protected] for fastest response.