FS: Siamese Tiger N Spoted gar

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Yes, unfortunately the "true" wide bar ST, Datnoids Pulcher, are no longer legally exported from Thailand. There has been a collapse in their numbers in Thailand, though I hear the thin bars caught way up the Mekong River are still available. Seems to be a combination of habitat loss, over fishing, and pollution. There is talk of damming the Mekong now in several spots from S.China, in Laos, and in northern Cambodia. If that happens then the ST will be finished for good I think. Very sad.


OK since we are on the whole True ST thing yes they are worth about 4-5x mores than an Indo it also depends on the size of the fish.

As for pulcher they are still available but not the true ST's. The Pulchers that are now showing up are from different waters. They are what people are calling CT's Cambodian Tigers not Controversial Tigers. People still call them indos because they dont have that traditional Pulcher look. There is a way to determin how to tell the Pulcher apart from the Microlepis. It is by counting the spines and scales on the lateral line. I am not sure of the numbers but I can find out. That is the only way to be sure if the fish is a pulcher. Remeber not all Pulcher have 3 stripes and 2 tail stripes this is old info.


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I dont think yours is for sure an Indo it could be a Pulcher from different waters. This whole wide bar thing is way out of hand. Not all Pulcher have 3 bars on each side and the 2 tail stripes. This fish could be what is called a CT Cambodian Tiger which are in many's opinion Pulcher's other think they are Microlepis.

theres no way thats a cambodian tiger.
definately an Indonesian Tiger

When I got into the hobby, no one knew what a tiger was.
Look at my old posts on arofanatics from 2000, all we had was 2 pics of a tiger in community aro tank on japanese website.
Since those early days in 2000 when we were all trying to find ANY tiger (or what a tiger even was!) an amazing amount of data has come forward.

Now they have been reclassified but there is still so much confusion in the hobby.

I still stick by the general rules of thumb that seem to have held true.

1 tail stripe = siamese tiger (thin bar, wide bar, split bar)

2 tail stripe = indonesian tiger (wide bar, 5 bar, split bar)

"rusty" stripes and metallic body = cambodian tiger..

now i know thats not 100% accurate, you can get IT with with 1 tail stripe (usually bars running together tho), and you can find ST with 2 tail stripes (usually split bar tho)

I would really like to see a dna map of all the tiger and phoenix species and have them reclassified again based on that.

*edit : forgot south american tiger " Silver tiger"
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yes ur right it is a IT here a updated picture of my IT

st2 dec 07.jpg
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