Gan Aquarium - Singapore


Arowana blogger
Gan Aquarium is old school, as in "been around since the 1970's, owner was friends with Herbert Axelrod" old school.

Originally famous for their discus, Gan has moved on with the times to focus on other aquarium fish, including Asian arowana. He was pretty frank in telling me that the discus market was just too competitive in Singapore these days.

Mr.Gan was a real character, hamming it up for the photos; he was raking some leaves when I arrived, and pretended he was just a gardener for a long time. :)

The book you can see people looking at was one of those old Exotic Tropical Fish bools authored by Herbert Axelrod; this one was signed by him and dedicated to Mr.Gan.

Gan's reds were okay; you can find his fish pop up once in a while on arofanatics, seem well received.