Gill Curl


I bought my super red less than a month ago with gill curl on both gills. One side has completely cured itself, however the other side remains the same. I am very worried about doing the gill surgery (especially now that I understand transmore is not available here) so am hoping it cures itself, but my fear is that the hard portion of the gill curls as well. Do these things tend to worsen even though I have very good filtration, water and current?

Should I do the operation? If so what should I use instead of transmore


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I have curred aro of gill curl before, as long as the gill is still soft. YOu need very good h2o quality and and good circ - powerhead with bubles. Keep your water at 86F and use a little salt to help the fish with osmosis. I took me almost 6 month to recover mine, I was just curious if it could be fixed without surgury.


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i went on vacation came back and my aro had bad gill curl only on one side now i have brought it almost back to normal a few more weeks and it will be perfect just have lots of oxygen and good water quality, if your impatient and its only the membrane not the gill plate then you can operate