Great canoe-in camp sites in Ontario

any1 can suggest some? looking to go camping this summer

so far ive only been to Opeongo Lake in Algonquin n its amazing there.
btw, by canoe-in i mean the camp sites are only reachable by canoe and no drive-in with cars

looking for new sites that are quite, private and can you post prices of how much you would spend on a camp trip?

i spent $70 for 3 nights there including canoe rental, food, fishing liscense, camp equipments, and life jackets lol
I like Tamagami and the french river is very nice. I dont think I spelled them right LOL sorry. I like them a lot and the water is great. I have also been to lake of the woods very very far it was a bit scarry but in the end it was awesome.


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I'm not to familier with the area to much. I've only done alittle bit in the Woodland Caribu area along the Ontario and Manitoba boarder.
went to killbear last summer. was quite awesome haha... went with pak. you probably know.
haha for a sec i read "went to kill a bear last summer.. etc" lol
where is killbear? haha man im like ultra beginner in camping, we resorted to burning my fren's sock to start a fire last time ROFL
hahaha we used a pair of sock, never let the fire out once we started it. haha we spent like hours chopping woods to maintain it lol