Hello Arowana Club


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Hi everyone,

We are excited to be a part of this amazing forum and want to be able to showcase the different fish we import to member's of this club.

Island Pets is currently under new ownership and we are looking forward to keeping the aquatic pet industry exciting with all the new things we bring in. Our staff is putting a heavy emphasis on providing great customer service and management is promising to keep things fresh by bringing in the latest and greatest products and fish.

We also are now in the custom acrylic tank construction business. Our first major product is featured in a Steveston coffee shop that is opening up in the next couple weeks. The tank consists of two 70 gallon tanks with a tube in between for the fish to swim between. For pictures of this tank please visit our website at www.islandpets.ca.

Looking forward to interacting with everyone on here!


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Wow welcome and too bad the acrylic tank didnt start earlier.... I was looking for a custom acrylic tank in 2012 but couldnt find a good one... So i ended up buying an aqueon glass tank.