Hello old friends... It's been a while..



Lots of people have been asking me what happened to me over the past year.. Well, I didn't die... I decided to get out of the hobby when I moved to a smaller place because I couldn't have as many/as big of fish tanks. Since I couldn't really do it how I wanted to, I didn't want to do it really at all. I also finished university and decided to travel for a bit and couldn't maintain all the fish/snakes while I was away. I did keep a few fish though, most notably the Barca..

Since being home I've been keeping busy with these little guys... I have been collecting and breeding a variety of rare (and some not so rare) species of gecko. I'm starting to expand into some small snakes and other small, non-gecko, lizards like skinks, chameleons, and dwarf monitors. So I thought I would share a few photos so you guys can see what I have been up to. Unfortunately I don't have a whole lot of pictures of the really cool stuff, mainly because I've only been getting the cooler stuff over the last couple months and I want to give it all time to settle in before trying to photograph it.













I hope you enjoy!


Ps - For those who are wondering, I am planning on getting back into it. I've been saving up for two 500 gallons, and a 300 gallon which I will buying and filling with cool stuff when I eventually buy my own house.


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Great to see you back Justin. :) I have a son who really wants to get a gecko (as in has been doing the internet research, measuring out where to put its enclosure in his room etc.). Lately he has also been thinking of getting a bearded dragon. He says there is some variety that stays smaller (in the 14-16 inch range). Which would you recommend a first time keeper? Any thoughts?

Also, maybe we could expand this forum to open up a section devoted to reptiles?

Great photos btw!


Both great choices... The only Pogona species that stays that small that you may find here in Canada are henrylawsoni, or Rankins dragons, however they aren't that common, nor are they all that fool proof. I would definitely suggest going for a normal beardie first before trying to find henrylawsoni. Even though their size is a bit more demanding Bearded dragons do make great pets. Some can get upwards to 24"+, they have great personalities, and are very hardy provided that they are given proper heat, light and diet requirements. There are several prepared diets that can be a staple for bearded dragons, then supplementing with calcium/vitamin powdered insects (crickets, super worms, etc) and a variety of greens (kale, mustard greens, romaine, etc).

In my opinion I think crested geckos make the ultimate first lizard species, they can be raised exclusively on a powder based gecko diet which they will eat once mixed with water. They do benefit from the occasional treat of crickets, wax worms, super worms, etc. They are friendly, come in a variety of colours and patterns, only need like 10-20 gallon tank. The only real work that needs to be done with this species is spraying them once or twice a day so they stay hydrated, beyond that they are pretty bullet proof. The best thing about them is that they can be kept happily at room temperature (20-24 degrees C) year round. They wont die though if they drop down to 18 or go as high as 28, definitely helps with the power bill. They are probably the easiest species of lizard to breed as well, which can always been a fun learning experience for a young man.

Beyond that Gargoyle geckos are pretty awesome a little less common then crested geckos, but same requirements. Fat tail geckos and leopard geckos are great too, they need to be kept warmer and dryer and are exclusive insect eaters, but are bullet proof animals and come in a variety of colours and patterns. Another non-gecko lizard that is an awesome first time pet are blue tongue skinks. Another omnivore from australia, they are often very passive, a little less active than a bearded dragon, but don't need quite as large cages.

Here's a whole bunch of cresties I have been keeping..











Good to hear from you, Justin. I've also kept several reptile and amphibian species in my time. Theyre very rewarding pets! I like the crested geckos you're keeping.

How are the barcas doing?


Thanks everyone! If everyone likes I can continue to post pictures of the rarer stuff once I get a chance to shoot it.

Brandon - Barcas great. Getting quite large, I'm decide what I'm gonna throw in there with it. I have a couple trachycorystes cats and a couple cool synodontis. I was kind of considering trying to grow out some mahseer in there, and then clown/highfin loaches for sure. I think I'm gonna trying tinfoil barbs before investing in Mahseer though, make sure he doesn't destroy everything.


My barcas tank is in a terrible location in my new place, the water is constantly tinted green from too much light exposure some a window across the room. In a few months I should be able to get the problem figured out and post some new pics!

And thanks Mike, happy to be back!