Hooked on SW


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I have had my new sr for a week now and he has not eaten any sticks yet.
He was feeding strictly on SW's at the lfs and I'm trying to get it on sticks so thats all I've been offering.
His last meal was one week ago and was SW's.
I know he is hungry and would probably take sw's if I fed them but I really want this guy on sticks as a staple.

The fish is 7in, how much longer would you wait before giving in with meal worms? I was thinking 2 weeks but have a friend that waited 3 weeks and his fish finally gave in.


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I dont like starving him but at am worried that the longer he's on worms the harder it will be to get him off them.

I think 2 weeks is the max I'll go


IMO, until the fish reaches 12 inches, you should give him what he wants. SW are easy to gutload, clean and a relatively cheap food source. I've used SW for most of my young aros in the past, and while they are stubborn, switching them to other foods is doable with patience and persistence.


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Thanks for the replies guys, to be honest its only been a week and I'm almost ready to cave. I'm watching the fish closely and seems ok but I do not like this one bit


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try some shrimp.
throw in a sw first let him think you gave in. Then throw in a slice of shrimp.
he"ll go after it for sure, might spit it back out though. keep on doing that he'll give in
but i wouldnt stave him at that size


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After only one week today I gave him his first SW and of course he took it instantly.
I cut the heads off the worms and will be trying to stuff it with a stick if I can.

Will also be trying shrimp and other dried foods.