How to edit video


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I have noticed you are skilled at video as well as still photography. Can you offer any tips as to good PC based video editing software? I am specifically interested in learning how to add background music to video clips I have.

Thanks for any help you can provide.


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Thanks, Theo, but I work on an iMac now. iMovie is pretty sweet.

I still have my p4 pc, but did not do any video work on it whatsoever.

My recommendation? Buy a mac. ;)

Seriously though, I'll ask a couple of buddies who do video on pc platforms. :)


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Roxio (PC) is really easy to use and give you the ability to do full edits, including music and effects.


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I just discovered that Youtube has an auto-feature for replacing the sound track with a song from a big list they have. I will give this a try...


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Hiya cirrus,

I edit mostly on a mac, its a no question=final cut. TBH, the only real "black and white" factor really is how the files are, on pc, you can not have any file (non-segmented) over around 2.4 gigs asfaik, while on mac, you have unlimited---so if your not editing full res 5 hour long hd footage, u shud be fine :D

Try to pick up adobe premier, or sony vegas, alot of people use this when they start editing on a pc :D Its probably the best software if you plan to eventually transition to a mac.