How to feed your new Asian arowana


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I recommend you DO NOT use live foods like crickets, meal worms, etc. Asian arowana can become easily spoiled to only eat live foods. This is expensive and more work for most people.

I recommend you start by offering Hikari floating food sticks (small size), as well as pieces of white shrimp purchased in bulk from T&T Market (or somewhere else, just make sure it is raw white shrimp with shell on; DO NOT buy market prawn, tiger prawn, etc., as it is too chewy for smaller fish and they sometimes don't take to it.)

More details here:

Target feed with pieces of white shrimp - WITH THE SHELL REMOVED. Only use raw white shrimp from T&T market, with shell on. Buy a couple pounds and freeze at home. Cut a piece off the frozen shrimp, remove shell. Thaw. Then cut again into bite size pieces. Throw a piece in front of fish as it swims. Do this 3 times. If pieces sink to bottom of tank, wait 30 minutes before removing from bottom. Repeat process in morning and night. Fish should start eating.
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In addition to the Hikari food sticks and frozen shrimp, I also mix in Ocean Free AR-G2 and frozen smelts which I prepare and present similarly to the frozen shrimp.

I also have some cichlids in the same tank so I feed them Hikari Red Parrot, and the aro eats that too. The aro is supposed to be a silver leucistic but now he looks a little red to me. Lol.


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I just saw your post. I have tried to edit my original post. I meant to say that you buy the shrimp with the shell on , but that you feed the shrimp after you have removed the shell. :)