Huge bump on Datnoid's head!


New Member
Things have taken a turn for the worse. Tu'big has a white dot on the bump now and there is a small pimple looking thing growing elsewhere on his head.

I take it my fish is going to die; so my question is simply, whether any of my other fish are at risk, if I don't take him out and kill him myself. He doesn't appear to be in pain and is eating as much worm as he can stomach. Currently he's up front begging for some more. Luckily for him, there are 3 worms that are soaking.

If I kill him, my plan would be a bag with clove oil and probably the freezer while it's out cold (no pun intended). Give me your thoughts on the matter. I guess clove oil and a cut head might work as well, but I've got a hard enough time killing worms--never mind fish.