Indoor pond


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This is a pond I built with my dad at my parents house. It runs 7' along the walls, comes in 3' and the front is 6' long. We made it out of 4x12 timbers. It was alot of fun

It was built to house our koi during winter instead of keeping them out in the garage. Its nice watching them year round. Its housed numerous different cichlids, bichirs, and catfish. Currently there are about 20 koi from 3"-20", 8 bichirs (ornate, albino senegal, delhezi, and palmas), a few plecos, and 2 pseudodoras nigers)

one of my favorite fish


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we run a dehumidifier near it

there are about 12 japanese koi in there and alot of regulars. I've got 5 kohaku and a few showa. I just don't have any very recent pictures. :)
hahaha nice, well then, now get a chagoi n turn it into a monster. btw, how much was the humudifier and how much does it cost to operate it?


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Kenta, yeah thats my moms 140. Its got some Honduran Red Points, Appistogramma Cactiodes (sp? triple reds), and red hooks.

Max, Its definatly fun to show people the koi when they feed and the niger cats come right up in the midst of them to chow on koi pellets. And every once in awhile a bichir will zip up to grab some pellets
I picked it up at Canadian Tire for $249. Its not to cheap to opperate 24.7 but its better than mold
Is that room watertight like a washroom? Is it closed in with a door? If it is you don't have to worry about mod, make sure that theres a membrane between your studs and your drywalls (I'd recommend mold resistant drywall though a bit expensive than regular dry wall, least you don't have to pay monthly high electric bills) and paint it with water resistant paint like washroom and kitchen paint. Once its watertight, you have no worries of any mold or humidity.


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Looks to me like you and your parents have a pretty cool set up.

I ran a dehumdifier in my apartment after a flood and was told it costs the same as an airconditioner to run.

Here is the link to an article that was written by a friend of mine about his indoor and outdoor ponds. He had to dismantle the indoor pond due to mould.

Also, check out this guy in Holland who converted his indoor swimming pool into an aquarium! tank but different.html

Very nice. Too much temptation. I really don't know what should I do next. A big tank or a pond? I hope I will go both. Or do nothing.
Plus, you have a beautiful house there.


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I'd love to add another ripsaw. I'm debating getting one to grow out in my community right now to keep with my rays. I've seen a few pictures and they look great together.

As for the filtration system, no pics unforunatly :(

Its filtered with 2 ocean clear canisters and a uv filter. One canister has a micron filter and uv attachment, and the other is is just full of sponge and ceramic rings. It usually runs about 2000gals an hour, but I have a replacement pump while I figure out how to fix my Mag Drive.