jardini pellet training


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doing the pellet training for my jardini, is 2.5 inch, haven't eat for 3 days, i try to feed twice a day, and leave the pellet in the tank for 15 to 30 min than take it out, is this the right way??? please help


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Yeah I think that's the way to go training them to eat pellets. I believe it is easier to teach aros to eat pellets when young since they don't have a big stomach and less body mass so they get hungry easily. Easier to break/train them. bigger aros can go longer with out any food and they probably wouldn't feel hungry for a longer time. Some believe to keep small aros always full and happy with live food in fear of stunting them. personaly believe in trainning your aro when young and force your will on them at this age and I haven't really heard of any aro starving himself to death, specially small ones (probably the bigger ones when breaking them into pellets). It's always nice for an aro to be eating pellets because there will be days when your just wouldn't find time (or be in the mood) to cut MP for them and pellets is always an easy and healthy alternative. Good luck in your aro.