JUMPING - Loss of a Blood Red


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I have been dreading putting these photos up ever since late last year. It was shortly after Christmas, we were having a dinner party. I thought I could squeeze in a quick water change while chatting with a few guests (kind of a novelty factor for them). Dinner was called. I went upstairs and forgot a lid open. I went downstairs after dinner, maybe 30-40 minutes later and see...no aro. Shit! Then I saw it on the floor! It looked to be still alive! I put it in the tank, got the Eheim outlet to blow through its mouth and pass water over its gills. This is basically CPR for arowana. It worked! The fish shuddered, and came back to life! But then it couldn't keep its balance when I released it and would go belly up. Shit again. After holding it upright in the tank for 30 minutes or so, my wife asked whether I was going to be there all night. I realized it was kind of futile. With my wife's help I rigged up a sling to hold the fish upright overnight. I woke up to find it dead. :(

I then took a few photos of it on the floor before placing it in our freezer where it has remained ever since.

I now officially join the club of people who have lost an aro to jumping. It was the first one I have ever lost.

I have now installed a 24/7 water change system. I will not allow that mistake to happen again.

Let this be a warning to all you aro keepers out there who have not had this happen...


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Thanks Darren. There are always new aro keepers on the site, so if this sticky helps them to learn from my mistake then all the better.


Sorry for your loss. Been there a couple times. Almost lost the Barca a couple months ago. He busted the lid and I found him on the otherwise of the room. Luckily still alive.
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was a nice red... RIP

my rtg jumped out while i was on vaca! during feeding lol. got too excited. now i have feeding holes to ensure that never happen again.
Theo a big loss he looked like he was gonna grow up to be one nice red. I've only ever lost one Aro and it was a red also so feel your pain lol. Would hate to loose any of the ones I have now so go overboard on the tops and triple check there closed after any maintenance or feeding lol