June visit to Riverfront


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Thanks for dropping on a nice Friday night and welcome to the 2nd installment of my Riverfront visits. You guys asked for more pics so I had to deliver so sit back and enjoy.

K lets get things started. *please don't quote me on the species of the fish. I'm by no means an expert and I am simply going by what is posted on the tanks. Please feel free to clarify...nicely. Do bare in mind as well that every 2nd weekend of the month, there is 2 for 1 deal going down.

Mystery Cat! 69.99
Labeled as Cenrodorois cat.

Last flag tail. 59.99

Striped Raphael 19.99

Red tail Snakehead 29.99

Suuuuuper Red 89.99

Geophagus Altifrons 99.99

Marble Acara Cat 64.99

WC Spotted red severum 89.99

HUGE Distichodus sexfasciatus. This guy is really cool and needs a new home asap. Please PM me and I'll definitely get a discount. 129.99

Satanoperca jurupari 59.99

Really nice EB Jack Dempsey 59.99. Tempted to get this one myself.

Ok, this brings us to months featured Arowana. The back story is that 3 Red Arowanas started of in a 10 footer and that they belonged to a customer of Riverfront. Unfortunately, 1 jumped out, and the owner had to move therefore was forced to surrender his prized fish. Now the 2 Arowanas are currently being housed in what looks to be a 6 footer. They comm perfectly and are some of the most docile and graceful Reds I have come across. One has PLJ and the other has some short barbels, but otherwise they are gorgeous fish with no other real defects (yes some torn fins from fighting._ I bugged Wayne if he had the cert, naturally, and he has advised me that he will check with the owner asap. Also, I inquired about the farm and he believes it to be CV Maju but we'll see when we get the certs. They are around 17'' and are developing very nicely. I threatened Wayne i'd kidnap his discus if he didn't give us Aro club members a discount, so these two are now on for sale for only $2000.00. Would ideally like to sell together cuz they comm so nicely. Please PM for more information or if you are interested.

Well this concludes Junes update. Hope you enjoyed it and have a great weekend. Phew reached the max picture limit lol.


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Update - big Reds are now sold. Hopefully from someone on this forum!

Grats to the new lucky owners.