King of Gold Arowana - MerLion Harmony Ultimate

MerLion Arowana

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King of Gold Arowana - MerLion Harmony Ultimate (2012)

We are pleased to share - our very home bred Merlion Harmony Ultimate has triumphed over many other competitors and choosen to be on the cover page of FISH MAGAZINE; which publish articles on arowana on a yearly basic. This is the second time that our MerLion Harmony has been on the front cover page of a reputated magazine in Japan.

Do share our Joy. Thank you!

1) 2012

Mag 1 by pschia71, on Flickr

Mag 2 by pschia71, on Flickr

2) Below is the other Merlion Harmony Ultimate (2011). Both were from the same batch and look identical. Can you spot the differences?

JM3 by pschia71, on Flickr

JM2 by pschia71, on Flickr
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