Korean Perch - Siniperca Scherzeri - First in Canada!!!


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I would like to introduce the korean perch, Siniperca Scherzeri . These are a first time import in Canada and have a very similar appearance to datnoids but with more elongated body. Pattern is amazing. These are easy to take care of even though they are wild caught. They are a local delicacy in their native, Korea/China! Feeding is rather simple. These new imports were eating meaty frozen foods such as smelt and prawn a day after arrival. There are not too much info on these guys on the net because of their rarity in the aquaria. Most believe they reach a maximum size of 15 inch or so. The 2 that came in are in a community type setting and I heard are doing well with larger tank mates such as arowanas, large cichlids, catfish etc. Their relative, the Japanese perch is even harder to find and most caught after perch fish in Asia. Only a handful are available. The Korean Perch are gaining popularity in the exotic fish scene. Especially in Singapore and Taiwan. A colourful monster fish with lots of teeth!